About Me


Hello, my name is Sylwia Borowy. I am a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, educated through Robbins-Madanes Training (RMT). This is an extraordinary life coach training school founded by Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peysha. I am also an Empowerment Coach and a Divorce Coach.

Although I work with clients on variety topics and I can handle the whole range of different human problems and situations, my areas of expertise are relationships, self-esteem, and decision making. Plus, I specialize helping women who are struggling after a breakup or divorce, or who are currently going through a divorce process.

I would love to help you experience the benefits of my focus and skills, offering vital insights and clarity that will assist you in every area of your life. I will help you to tune into yourself and what’s calling you forward in life, whether it’s a new creation, an area of improvement, something you would like to transform, tweak, change, or expand upon.

I was successful in a banking area in Poland. 21 years ago I left  my country for love in the Netherlands. In the meantime I enjoyed Brazil and Mexico, I understand coping with cultural differences. I went through a divorce after 18 years. I understand what the power of transitions is. I had my fears of challenges. I am a proud mother of twins, beautiful inside and outside. I make people feel good and stronger. My analytical skills deriving from my work as risk analyst, are extremely helpful in coaching. My purpose is to present a fresh new perspective that will guide you to the clarity and actions steps you are looking for in order to achieve your personal and professional goals, be happy and live the life you want.

I am uniquely qualified to help you, but the best coach training in the world has confirmed that YOU are the only expert on you. You’re the one who has the answers. You have all the power. I am to help you rediscover yourself, as I did with my life.

Get ready. This is going to be amazing.