It’s my pleasure to offer my unreserved appreciation to Sylwia Borowy for her passionate career towards her work in making you believe in yourself.

I came to know her from LinkedIn, we had a chat which inspired me so much and made me closer to her because I needed to learn from her experience of life and I benefited a lot most importantly she encouraged me to be focused in all I do in order to achieve my goals, she referred me to read her wall and some of her articles which I found very interesting, motivating and inspiring which I would highly recommend others to read too.

Among the articles are:

1. EMPOWERMENT is never about blame but it’s about responsibility, many times we don’t take our own mistakes instead we put on to others by the time you finish this article you will amazingly be different.

2. THINK POSITIVE and positive things will happen, avoid negative mindset.

Sylwia Borowy is undoubtedly fantastic article and book writer. I have come across with great ideas to change you to a better person just like me.

Scovia C.

Recommended. Sylwia coached me trough a difficult time. She is an excellent coach, empathetic and a powerful woman!

Loved to have her as my coach. She gave me the strength on the right time, not to give up and fall in depression! She sees the things in a different way and helps to see things differently, change your path, when you are stuck! This with her positive advice to follow your dreams! Never give up! We, as a woman, especially with children, have a lot of responsibility. Sylwia used the right tools on the right moment to help me out.

I can recommend Sylwia to every woman who needs that extra push to live their life, what they really want. Love to live your life and follow the path you love, and claim it.

🏅 Much love 💕”

Ishra M.

Sylwia is hard-wired to find the good in both people and situations. She doesn’t get bogged down in “what ifs” unless they’re productive, forward-looking propositions, nor does she get mired in negativity. Somehow Sylwia manages to stay above the emotional fray and resists coddling fears. She will help you to recognize the battles you have with your mind – the battles where your life is at stake. She helps you sort out the voices of the brain from the voices of intuition and she gives you permission to listen to your whole being – your body and your soul. Sylwia recognizes the value of change, creation, positivity, different perspective and rich living. She’s a good one to have on your side.

Nooralsham M.

Sylwia has an inherent capacity to listen for what’s needed and draw out concerns, passions and ideas to others. Sylwia is authentically selfless in her contributions, and I’ve seen her providing priceless value to many people through her regular coaching. I highly recommend Sylwia to anyone looking for a coach who will create a positive, nurturing, and common-sense space to support your personal and professional development.
Anna G.

By profession, Sylwia Borowy is a life coach. Sylwia has mastered the “Art of Living” very well in her long experience. With her long wisdom, she can discover one’s talent, potential, unravel the complexities of relationships and non-verbal communication, find new ways to get rid of self-imposed superstitions, and solve complex and difficult situations.

Personally, I have received counselling from her. This has brought clarity to my thinking and I am able to move fast towards my goal. I wish Sylwia success in her career. I pray that she can serve people for a long time.

Jahidur R.

Sylwia is one of the most amazing people I have met. She is always full of joy and so passionate in transforming lives. She is very committed to her work and also serving others with an open heart.
Caroline C.

Sylwia is a life changing therapist and gifted coach with a special gift of bringing out the best in people. She spreads positivity and also a great author too. An encounter with her always sparks up new purpose and directions to achieving anything you wish for. In my own little words, “a life changer“.
Uko N.

Sylwia is kind, patient and generous, one of the most wonderful people I have met on LinkedIn.

Her posts profoundly illuminate me. I can always feel her support and positive energy she emits in her words. And she definitely is a great person to talk with, her insights guide me out of the dark and offer me the encouragement I need.

It really is my pleasure to e-meet Sylwia here, and I think everyone can be inspired by connecting with her.

Rui Z.

Sylwia is one of the great writers who motivated to live life to the fullest. She is a very kind and humble person I have ever known. Reading her articles on LinkedIn makes me really motivated. She is a great inspiration for women & young writers who are looking there career in such a field.

Prachi J.

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