Sit for a moment. Relax and close your eyes. Now look at your relationship and ask one question, “Am I happy in the current relationship with my man”? If not, analyze, why not.

Do you feel free to always say what you want to? Or do you have to watch every word you say to him? Are you scared that you might say something wrong? What happened last time when he wanted to invite his friends home. You knew you’d be very tired after a heavy week, and you’d rather spend time relaxing, alone with your partner only. He said then, “You’re always tired. You simply don’t like my friends. I’m sick and tired of that”. So next time, you agreed, just to avoid his criticism.

Another time you go out with your girlfriends for dinner, and then to a dancing club. He calls you all the time checking where you’re, if you’re still in the restaurant or in the club. He warns you not to dance with any guy. And you have no idea why he doesn’t trust you. You love him and don’t want any other guy.

Maybe you’re the one, who sometimes has some unexplained bruises on her body, or a blue eye, which is covered with lots of makeup. Does he call you a “stupid bitch”, when he loses his temper.  As he keeps you away from your family and friends, and he threatens to hurt you more if you tell any of them, you stay quiet. And of course, he promises he’ll never do that again. But he does it, over and over again.

The symptoms are…

You feel insecure in your relationship. You WALK ON YOUR TOES to please your partner. You’re afraid that you may say or do something wrong and he’ll criticize you or get angry, Again. You’re scared to say “No” to him. You feel like he’s putting you down. You’re not yourself anymore. If this is the case, you need to leave him before you totally lose your self-worth.

You can see that your man is a CONTROL FREAK, and he’s extremely jealous. Listen, there is nothing wrong with little jealousy, which in fact is nice in a healthy relationship. But if he checks all the time where and with whom you spend time, and often suspects you of cheating, without any reason, leave him.

You’re ABUSED physically or mentally. He cannot control his emotions and usually explodes if something doesn’t go his way. He constantly humiliates and criticizes you. You’re always the problem. And everyone else is always better than you. Don’t believe that he’ll ever change. When he did it multiple times, apologized every time, and promised that it was really the last time, but it wasn’t, don’t wait for the worst. If you’re afraid of him, run!

You’re not free to do what you want. He has evidently POWER in the relationship. He keeps you away from your family and your friends, people who love you and care about you, people who could spot any flaws in him. You’re not allowed to continue some of your activities, which always made you happy. You need to stay at home, but he can go out.. Don’t wait before it’s too late.

To remember…

“If you’re in a toxic relationship, leave him immediately. He’ll never change”