You’re alone. You’d like to have someone next to you. You’d like to wake up next to HIM every morning, and go to bed with HIM every night. It’s obvious. I understand you. I was in such a situation when my ex left me. I was alone and I felt lonely. I wanted someone.

And then, three months later, I went on a dating site. I started chatting and dating. I met a guy who was divorced and had teenage children. He looked good. He was nice and understanding. He wanted to give me the best advice he could, based on his own experience.

He was also very romantic, and I needed cuddling, kissing, and more. The first few days we talked nonstop. We saw each other almost every day. But then I realized that I couldn’t breathe. He was around me nonstop. I was not ready for a relationship, which he wanted. I wanted to further match and chat on the site. I needed compliments from more guys. I didn’t want to jump from one serious (and broken) relationship into another serious relationship. Not at that moment.

Then I told him that we should stop seeing each other. I simply wanted to be back alone, happy alone, with MY OWN SPACE. This was the time when I started finally rediscovering myself.

I did a coaching course, I went out with my new friends, I started workouts. I slowly was going over my ex. I finally was happy by myself. I didn’t need anyone to make me happy. And I knew what I wanted from my Mr. Right. I set my goals high. Eventually, I was ready for a relationship.

The signs are…

You’re happy with yourself. You accept who you are 100%.You’re happy being alone. You can laugh at your own mistakes. You understand that any failure is just a feedback. You take a lesson, learn from it, and go forward. You know that you’re the only responsible for your own happiness, not any guy.  According to the law of attraction, happiness attracts happiness.

You’re totally over your ex. You fully accepted by now that he’s gone, and you can and should move on. You have no hope to be back with him anymore again. You don’t feel any resentment and anger towards him. You’re happy for him, and you wish him the best.

You have your social life built around you. You regularly see your family and go out with your friends. You have your passion for things you do. If you love salsa, you go dancing minimum once a week. And nobody will ever take it from you, as you feel happy dancing.

You have set your boundaries at the high level in line with your integrity. So, you don’t accept jerks in your life. You’re not desperate and needy to have anybody next to you. You have time, no rush. You know that sooner or later you’ll meet your Mr. Right.

To remember…

“It’s healthier to be happy alone than unhappy in a relationship”