He left you, you’re now alone, alone with very low self esteem. It’s simply gone. So, you are sitting on your bed, crying and crying, with no end. Your eyes are swollen. You still cannot believe he left you. He doesn’t love you. You’re thinking and asking yourself, “Has he ever loved me, or everything was fake, at least the last few years”?

You are doubting whether you’re worth of anything and anyone in the future. You’re are someone with zero value, at least on your mind. You don’t love yourself, you even don’t like yourself. You’re asking, “Who am I?” You simply cannot find anything positive in yourself and in your life. You call yourself a LOSER, a woman who couldn’t keep the man of here life forever.

But you’re not alone!

Whatever you think, it’s just on your mind. Your negative thoughts occupy you so much, and feed on each other, that anything positive seems a stupid idea. But here comes good news. All this are just your thoughts, nothing real, and you are in power to change your own thoughts or simply give them another meaning. You’re the only one who do that. Nobody else can do that for you. NOBODY. Your happiness, your whole life, is in your hands.

The ways are…

Every day in the morning, for the next two weeks, after you clean your teeth, smile for a minute in front of the mirror, and say to yourself out loud ten times, “I’m beautiful”, “I deserve a better man”, “I’m fine”, “I love myself”, “I’m lucky”, “I’m successful”, “I love my smile”, I have great family”, “I have fantastic friends”, “The guy of my life is waiting for me”, “I enjoy my life”, “I’m strong”, “I’m independent”, “I don’t let anyone disrespect me anymore”

Go on online dating sites. Get in touch with men, and have nice chatting. Whenever you hear compliments, simply say, “Thank you”. See how beautiful you’re outside and inside. Meet the best guys. Open your eyes, and notice that happy woman, yourself.

Watch comedies, funny videos. Exchange jokes with your friends. Do what you love. Start laughing!

Go back with your memories when you felt high self-esteem. Bring them back to your new life. Soon you’ll notice how strong you’re without him. It’s his loss.

To remember…

“Don’t ever doubt your worth”