Three months ago you were “happy together” with your man. Maybe things were not going as should be, but you knew that after 10 years into the relationship many things become routine. Work, home, family, friends. Sex was also still okay.

But then one day he came home earlier and packed his suitcases. Then you came home with groceries to cook for you both. You opened the door, you saw the suitcases and him sitting at the dinner table… in his coat. You asked, “Hun, what’s going on”?. He said, “You know how much I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore. I’m leaving”. after a short conversation, he stood up and closed the door, from outside.

Three months have past. You go to work. You cry a lot, every day. You feel lonely. You wake up, the bed is empty, you go to work, come home, you’re alone. Nobody comes, you go to bed…  alone. This happens every day. You have nobody at home to talk to, and you miss it badly.

By this time you didn’t properly grieve and accept your breakup yet. You still didn’t find inner happiness, how to be happy alone. You didn’t start any social life or activities.

You talk frequently with your family and friends. One of them advises you one day to go on a dating site. You put the best pictures of yourself, write a nice profile. You match several guys. Finally, you go for your first date.

You’re so incredibly happy that you laugh again. The guy you met is funny, and tells you so many compliments. You feel mesmerized. You start dating. You think, “I cannot believe that I’ve found this charming guy that fast”. He listens to you and gives you a advice based on his own experience after a breakup. He quickly becomes your soulmate. He understands you and wants to listen to you for hours. And you attract each other also physically. You scream, “OMG, I’ve found my Prince Charming”.

The signs are…

The relationship develops much faster than any other one. You see each other every other day, if possible, and you call and text each other a few times a day. You talk a lot. You already plan holidays next summer and future together. You behave like you both have been together really for a long time

You say “I love you” to each other very quickly, without even considering “I like you”. And you still don’t know too much about each other, as you most of the time talk about your breakup.

You have lots of sex as you missed intimacy. You cuddle on the sofa, you hug and kiss each other nonstop. You feel really great that you don’t need to waste your time on dating and you’re not trapped in a casual relationship.

After a few dates you feel that he’s your Mr. Right, that you’re so lucky to find him so fast. You think he’s the perfect replacement for your ex.  

To remember…

“Rebound relationship gives usually only short-term happiness”