Are you familiar with this scenario? He comes home after work, you give him a big kiss, put hot dinner on the table. You talk a bit, not too much, as he’s very tired. He goes to take a shower, while you clean up after the dinner. And this pattern repeats every day.

Or, you call him every time to ask how is going his day. He says he’s too busy to think about calling you. So, you actually never wait for his call as you know he’ll never call you anyway. Is this situation similar to yours?

That’s always you who plans weekends, holidays, meeting friends. He loves surprises. So, from time to time you surprise him. But he never does anything special for you.

The more he does NOTHING, the more you invest into relationship. You stopped already expecting anything from him, in order to feel less disappointed. You stay by him, as you love him, blindly… you don’t notice that he doesn’t give you anything. He doesn’t add any value into the relationship, into your life. And your family and friends say, “Leave him”, but you’re afraid to be alone and to start dating again…

You don’t understand that doing less for your man and just BEING for him, is the true clue to a happy relationship.

You don’t realize that sooner or later this relationship will die, but you don’t want to believe it, you’re afraid to think of it… you’re stuck by him. And months later… you’re alone, but happier, happier than with him.

The reasons are…

To earn his love. You cook for him every day, give him a dinner on the table and clean after. You clean his dirty clothes from the floor, wash them and then iron. You think that by doing all this he’ll love you more.

To get good deeds in return. You think that the more you do for him, the more he’ll do for you. Maybe he’ll bring flowers more often, maybe he’ll take you for dinner. You believe that good deeds deserve good deeds in return.

To show you care for him, because you’re taught to do that. Yes, you also study and make career, but you were also prepared to take care of your man, husband, children, and do the household.

To simply feel pleasure and satisfaction by doing all the stuff for him. This way you show that you love him, and you believe that by doing all this he’ll never leave you for another one.

To remember…

“Never invest more in the relationship than he does – recipe for disaster”