Do you know people who are boring? Yes, you do, for sure. Who doesn’t, right? And how do you feel in their company? Do you meet them with pleasure, or do you prefer to avoid them, and with a smile you walk away from them at a party? 

What about cooking the same food every Monday? What would make you feel more exciting, some challenges, new and unknown things, or still the same deeds which you’ve been doing for ages. 

This counts also for any relationship. You know each other pretty well after dating for couple of months. You feel fine that you know what to expect from each other. But is it really that great? Nope! Don’t be tripped in the routine. You can notice after a while, that you have not too much to say to each other. You start feeling bored together, and eventually don’t want meet ever again. The relationship is finished.

So move out of your comfort zone. Do from time to time something different. Go together for a walk if you never do it. Go out more often with your own friends, separately. Then you’ll have more new topics to talk about. Change sex routines, places, positions, timing. Be surprising, change you routines. Be mysterious. Do from time to time something what he doesn’t expect. Don’t be too much confident with the routine, as you can ruin your relationship once forever.

The comfort zone mistakes are…

You both assume that he stays for the night every Friday. You both don’t have your separate lives for the weekends. You don’t do too many things separately. You have never anything new to tell each other. So, change the pattern

Every time you go out, you always “choose” the same restaurant, you order the same food, almost every time. If you stay at home, you always order pizza, and watch TV. Why don’t you cook sometimes? Cooking together can be very sexy and you discover more about fun together.

You’re not dressed anymore sexy. You wear sweatpants or stay in pajamas the whole day. You don’t use perfumes, make your make up or make sure your hair look nice. You know he knows you. What’s happening with this good looking woman, in the past? Soon, his physical attraction will start fading away. So, come on, don’t lose your attraction. You always need to stay attractive for your guy, physically and emotionally.

  1. Your sex is always the same. You even sometimes don’t have appetite for sex. It’s more and more difficult to excite each other. You always start and finish the same way. There is no spontaneity… and sex becomes “must”, and not this fascinating  pleasure as it used to be. So, take action, introduce some changes and see what will happen. 

To remember:“If your relationship becomes a routine, it’ll die; make it an adventure“