On the way to happiness

These days in 2020, when we are facing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we hear about new cases and deaths around the globe on a daily basis. The numbers have been growing already for several weeks. Despite the tremendously hard work of doctors, nurses, scientists, lab technicians, policemen, and many other heroes, nobody knows how long this situation will last, and when we will be safe again to meet our families, friends, and colleagues face to face. Our heroes put their health at risk, I dare to say, even their lives. This looks like operating in a war zone. We all live in uncertainty and many of us live also in fear. We are afraid to lose either our loved ones, our jobs, clients, or income. And those fears are normal.

However, we should find a way to think positively

and believe that everything will be fine again, because it will!

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And we need our positive minds in order to be stronger

and motivated to take action, to go through those tough times.

Negative thoughts and negative emotions are not helpful. They eventually enter our minds, and stop us from taking actions towards where we want to be. I would recommend that when you catch yourself having those thoughts and emotions, thank them for being there. No kidding! They serve their role – they send you a message that something needs to be improved, changed. Then, make time for positivity and start identifying steps to make changes.


When we think negatively, we limit ourselves

from seeing other options to do great things.


We get paralyzed and are unable to think of good solutions.

Therefore, whatever situation we are in, like the coronavirus, let’s find something positive in it. We go through many challenging situations in our lives, and some of them are painful. It doesn’t mean however that we have to suffer.


It is up to us to choose and decide how we want to experience our emotions.


When we control them and choose those empowering and hopeful ones, we face the challenges much easier. Positive thinking, hope and faith have incredible power and influence on our lives, our wellbeing.

We, as human beings, are resilient. We can also adapt to changing circumstances. And let’s remember that no problem is permanent. “After rain comes the sunshine.” We are also very creative. We have so much potential and so many strengths. However, very often we don’t realize it until we have to reach out for them, like these days.

Remember that every experience in our lives, whether happy or sad, is a great lesson for each of us. When we lose our jobs that we maybe even didn’t like, we have now a strong motivation to search for a new one. When we get divorce, let’s enjoy our single lives. It’s time to do things that we couldn’t do when we were in a relationship. This is also a great moment to rediscover ourselves and find our strengths and new passions.

Now, when we work out of our homes, we also have more time for our closest families. We can play more with our children, or cook together. Because children get education online, they get faster familiarized with useful softwares, which is so necessary nowadays. Some entrepreneurs build programs online. We all have the ability to adapt our lives to any situation, and we need to use it. Please read my article about flexibility.

So, regardless of what happens in our lives, let’s find positivity in every situation, no matter what! This is a way to inner happiness.

“Positive mind is the way to positive life!”


Only in a positive state are we able to focus on solutions, creating numerous ways to go through our obstacles. So, if next time you find yourself even in the most critical situation, always ask those two questions,

1. “What is good about this problem?”

2. “What do I need to do to solve it?”

Those two questions will bring you to a positive and resourceful state, and you will find a solution that you need.

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And here below are my tips on what may help many of us to have positive thinking.

  • Let’s make time for things that make us happy, for our hobbies, sports, meditation, yoga, and other activities. Let’s do anything we enjoy doing and what distracts us from negativity. Most of those activities we can do safely at home.
  • Let’s bring nice moments from the past to our memories. Let’s look at old pictures or imagine them. Let’s talk about them with our families at home.
  • Let’s think of anything, who and what we are grateful for. Let’s think of the people who we love and who love us. Every day, when we get up, let’s say out loud what we are grateful for. By the end of the day, let’s make an acknowledgment list of what we have achieved on that day. We will sleep better.
  • Let’s choose well how we look at things and how we perceive them. We have the ability to choose our perception and give our own meanings to the things and situations around us. This way we influence our emotions.
  • Let’s use the power to change our thinking with a focus on the present and the future. Negative thoughts come usually when we get angry or we feel guilt, or when we blame ourselves or others for what happened in the past. But whatever happened in the past cannot be changed. So, let’s let go of the past and change our focus. Please read my article about gratitude.
  • Let’s surround ourselves with positive people and spend time with them whether online or offline. Positive energy is contagious. Positive people are more willing to help us than negative people. And, let’s distance ourselves from negative people, people who bring us down. Let’s end any toxic relationships. Why? Because negativity is also contagious.
  • Let’s support each other online or by talking on the phone. When we give others recommendations and suggestions, it may help them, and it also makes us feel good, because this way we think positively.
  • Let’s smile as often as we can, even looking in the mirror. Let’s make funny faces. Why not? Let’s use humor. Smiling releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that are responsible for making us feel good and happy. They are also helping lower stress levels. Let’s watch funny videos and comedies. Let’s laugh.

Last but not least, we watch a lot of news about coronavirus. Of course, we want to be up-to-date and we have a hope every day to finally hear good news that the coronavirus is under control, and that we can come back to our daily routines, especially meeting people face to face. However, watching such news before going to bed is not helpful. It is better to watch something positive before going to bed so that we fall asleep with positive thoughts, because whatever we think, those thoughts enter our minds, and we want to and we need to sleep well.

Concluding, let’s start thinking positive.

Positive attitude can truly change our lives.

Remember that healthy and happy people think positively, and they are more encouraged to achieve more. They do believe they can. You, too.

With love,