On the way to happiness

Would you like to live in a bigger house?

Would you like to drive a faster car?

Would you like to earn more money?

Would you like to travel around the world?

Would you like to have a healthier relationship, either with your partner, children or your boss?

I guess, many of you would answer, “Yes” to all or some of these questions. And there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is wonderful that we have dreams and goals, and we take steps to achieve them. However, at the same time, we should be grateful for what we have already.

Nowadays many of us are running every day for more success, and it is fantastic that we have this drive in us. Thanks to that we grow, develop and expand, and we achieve more and more. We earn more money and we buy more toys, and we say, “Life is so beautiful.” That’s great if you say so. However, sometimes, we are so occupied with this marathon that we forget to notice what we have already, and in some cases we take things or people for granted.

Imagine yourself biking long distance in a competition. You are focused on the way toward your destination. You know that when you get there, you will be happy and will shout out, “I did it again!” But, when someone asks you, “How did you like the landscape on the way?”, you will start scratching your head and will answer, “Hmmm, I don’t know, I didn’t see it. What did I miss?”

We can be grateful for so much!

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We can be grateful for so much, like for having good health, for having our families and friends, our mentors. We can be grateful really for anything, including all our experiences, both, bad and good. They all allow us to learn, grow, and very often get stronger. Let’s be grateful for the opportunity to be able to make choices and decisions. Also positive thinking enables us to make better choices and decisions, so please read my article about positive thinking.


We should be grateful for our strengths and our courage.

Let’s embrace challenges in life.


Almost everyone I know would like to have a better job, a higher salary, or nicer colleagues at work. But what if we first appreciate that we have a job, we have an income, and we have several supporting and kind colleagues. What if you didn’t have the job, income, colleagues?

We would like either to improve our relationships or we know someone else who would like to have a better relationship with the key people in their lives, maybe their spouse, children, or in-laws. Let’s notice that we have already a supporting partner, we have a lovely family, and we have friends we can count on. When we are grateful for having them and being an important part of our lives, then we focus on positive traits that they have, and then we feel better as well, and we want to spend more time with them. Do they feel or know that you are grateful for having them? If not, it would be a great idea to tell them or give them compliments more often, or any sign of recognition. Welcome to my article about the power of giving.

Let’s think of who and what we love, and let’s be grateful for them.


Let’s be grateful for our lives, the nature around us, water and food – not everyone in the world has them.

Why should we be grateful?

As soon as we notice and appreciate what we have, we find more inner peace and inner happiness, and a drive to move forward. We notice how blessed and happy we are already. 


Thankful people are happy people. 

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So, I recommend you to enjoy the little things in your life, every day. Don’t take them for granted. One day when we look back, we can see that these small things were in fact much bigger.

Grateful people are not only happier, but also less stressed and less depressed. Therefore, their mental health is better. They are more satisfied with what they have, those little things and their current relationships. They have faith in a good life. They accept themselves easier and they are less critical. They do have more positive emotions. They are more willing to give and share with others. They smile more. They are more motivated and encouraged to take action. They have more joy in what they do, even basic tasks like cooking or cleaning.


So, we should cultivate the habit of gratitude. 


It is a good idea that every night before going to bed, we take a moment to be grateful for the day, our family, our friends, our health, our accomplishments, and anything that comes to our minds. There is always something to be grateful for. Every day. Thanks to gratitude, our subconscious minds absorb positive thinking, and we go to bed happier and we sleep better. 


Gratitude can significantly change our lives.


Why? Because we appreciate and focus on what we have already, instead of focusing on what we don’t have. And this is a way to inner happiness. We can be surprised to see or maybe discover how much we do have already. What might be helpful is to keep a journal and write down there what you are grateful for every day. I do have one.

With love,