What Are The Main Reasons Why Women Usually Invest More Into Relationship And Why It’s Wrong?

Are you familiar with this scenario? He comes home after work, you give him a big kiss, put hot dinner on the table. You talk a bit, not too much, as he’s very tired. He goes to take a shower, while you clean up after the dinner. And this pattern repeats every day. Or, you […]

Do You Know The Most Important Things To Do And Not To Do When He Says, “I’m Leaving You”?

Ten years have past. You both love each other, of course. You give a kiss to each every morning and night. You respect and trust each other. You might even have kids by now. Everything seems to work, the same routine every day, but… routine can be boring.  Nevertheless, you’re happy having your man next […]

Do You Know The Easiest Ways How To Bring Back Your High Self Esteem?

He left you, you’re now alone, alone with very low self esteem. It’s simply gone. So, you are sitting on your bed, crying and crying, with no end. Your eyes are swollen. You still cannot believe he left you. He doesn’t love you. You’re thinking and asking yourself, “Has he ever loved me, or everything […]

Were You Aware Of The Biggest Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship?

Recollect when last time you reminded your man to make a reservation for a hotel to celebrate your anniversary. Oh, yes… you reminded him twice, and still he didn’t do it. So you made the reservation by yourself. You informed him about it and he said that he was just about to do it. Remember, […]

Do You Know Those Signs That He’s Pulling Away From You?

So many women make mistakes by not spotting that something is not working right in their relationship, and they only realize it when it’s too late. But there’s clear signs you can observe next time to figure out if he’s pulling away. That’s the time when a change in the relationship is crucial to stop […]

Have You Entered Into A Rebound Relationship? Check Out The Signs Here!

Three months ago you were “happy together” with your man. Maybe things were not going as should be, but you knew that after 10 years into the relationship many things become routine. Work, home, family, friends. Sex was also still okay. But then one day he came home earlier and packed his suitcases. Then you […]